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Here at Matador Goods, we love KEEN shoes.

From the super sexy Newport H2 sandals to the super sturdy Targhee II Mid Hiking Boots, KEEN makes top notch gear that are also practical, efficient, and attractive.

And now we’re teaming with KEEN to give away a pair of solid shoes for free! Up for grabs are cool pairs of men, women, and kids’ shoes as well as laptop bags and other KEEN products.

From December 3rd till December 10th, you will be entered into the drawing for a pair of free KEEN shoes or any item of choice from

All you need to do is:

  1. Visit
  2. Pick your favorite KEEN gear
  3. Come back to this post and leave a comment about it below

On December 11th, we’ll pick and notify a random winner that gets the coupon code for their free product of choice!.

As part of this promotion, KEEN is also providing free shipping on its products purchased on

For free shipping through December 11th, enter MATADORGOODS as the promo code during checkout.

Be sure to leave a comment below about your favorite KEEN gear and you just might walk away with it!

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